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About Me

Just imagine the smell of the unique fragrance you have always dreamt about. Change time and space by reaching deep into your memories. Recall that one special memory, a special place that have always been priceless to you; your piece of heaven. It could be an exotic island, a favorite hotel or restaurant. It could be mountains or a relaxing holiday in the countryside, or even sweet memories of a jolly and cheerful childhood.


Candles in bloom

We evoke associations

Let me take you into the world of unique forms and solutions in creating candles out of passion, hunger for sensations and an open mind.
I have been living in Great Britain for years and my candles are also produced here. Candles have been distributed to customers in Poland and I truly hope they will be appreciated in many other countries.
Depending on the order, we use different sizes of packaging. The candles are secured for safe transport. Each candle is unique, handmade and takes a lot of time to make. Every candle is made to order. I offer organic or mineral wax candles. They give different possibilities in terms of different structure and light transmittance.


Places like these inspire me the most. I can choose separate elements I would not join in the real life. I can combine old and create a brand-new quality. My imagination and skills guide me in making unique and innovative products. Contemporary look blends perfectly in the timeless creations.




Our candles work on the senses